Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Goodbye old clothes

Hello new clothes,

It's a funny thing. I've been selling my clothes on eBay and 8/10 pieces have been sold.
Most things I've not had a problem getting rid of but today..... Today was a strange day...... I sold a pair of jeans that I just loved.. When I first got them I felt amazing in them. They were so modern and awesome, I just loved the holes in the, the torn cuffs and the way my butt looked in them..

It was bitter sweet. I sold them because if I was to keep everything that didn't fit I would need another wardrobe and secondly it would be so silly to keep everything. I have that many clothes in amazing condition that I just can't give everything away. I've done that in the past with thing I no longer wore but it's now coming down to me getting rid of things because they just don't fit, not because I don't live them anymore.

I posted this on a secret Facebook group I'm a part of. I was so glad that I wasn't alone in feeling my clothing sale sadness. I Just home his new home live him as much as I did.

Just to feel getter I got two hew tops got work at Temp in a Size 14. Now that's awesome. Makes me feel better getting rid of my size 20 jeans.

Love my sleeve xxx 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Venturing out in unfamiliar territory.

Well I'm 32kg down and feeling great. 

Today for the first time ever in public I went out in my halter neck dress without a jacket on.

I never ever show my arms but I'm getting more daring and adventurous and I went out with my arms showing. 

My friend said I looked amazing and I should not be anxious and that I needed to show the off more often.

So here I am.

Loving my new petite shoulders.