Monday, May 12, 2014

Why do I love my sleeve?

 Because in one year I've changed so much!

9 months post surgery. 
43kg down.

Never felt better 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Feeling great

Not much to post.

Weight loss has slowed right down  
I'm at 74kg (42kg lost) and I'm happy. 

I don't care if I loose any more. I'm a very comfortable size 12 now and feel amazing. 

I do need to start working out and toning up. I've been terrible with exercise the last few months so I need a good butt kicking. I have no excuses. I have a fully stocked gym in my house and I just need to use it. 

I'm not sure what would be better. Getting up earlier and doing it first thing. Or wait until I get home from work (this has required months of decision making) 

I'm doing great with food. 

I've got my iron infusion in a weeks time which is going to be great. I hope this will make me feel great. 

A few weeks ago (April 18) I fainted at home and was rushed to the emergency department. I was fine after a few hours. But it was all attributed to my low iron. So when I got home at 10pm my husbsnd had me eat a steak! My family have been after me to eat meat and iron rich foods. So they are all watching what I'm eating. Even my brother. 

I need to take done new measurements and photos to show my progress. I haven't done that in a few months. 

I can't believe on May 6th I'll be 9 months out. Best 9 months.