Saturday, November 30, 2013

I never knew asking for a smaller size would happen

Today my mum and dad took me shopping. It was not planned or purposefully organized but we were out and about and we walked past a Witchery store. 

The dress in the window caught my eye a beautiful yellow maxi dress. 

Mum ran into the store pulling clothes off the rack and shoved me into the change room. 

The yellow dress was first. We all loved it. 
Then Dad suggested I try on the other dress mum and found. 

He loved that one. 
I'm not confident enough to go sleeveless so mum went and found me a linen blazer 
A beautiful white one and striped one. Both so beautiful. 

Mum grabbed me a 16 in the jackets but they were too big. So I asked for a smaller size and mum skipped out the change room and was whispering to dad 'She needs a smaller size that's so exciting'

Shopping is magnificent!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What does it feel like to carry around 26kg?

I love how supportive my husband is. Each day he reminds me of how proud of me he is and how well i am doing.

As of today I've lost 26kg. 

Jay insisted we find something that was 26kg and try to carry it. 

Well finding 26kg around the house is not easy. 

So, we grabbed the home brew which is 19kg and I tried to lift.

Well it wasn't so easy, and that was only 2/3s of what I've lost. 


We did my measurements (in cms) (July 21st to November 13. 3.5 months)

Weight - 116.4 down to 90.4
BMI - 44 down to 33.6
Fat mass- 51 down to 39.7
Chest - 127.5 down to 112
Waist - 109 down to 98
Hips - 138.5 down to 119
Arms - 43.5 down to 37
Thigh - 75.5 down to 65.5

I hope by Christmas to have lost a total of 30kg. That is my goal!!!!

Loving life xxxx

Monday, November 11, 2013

Under 200lbs


Another moment to celebrate. 

Under 200lbs and I'm in onederland!

Pure bliss. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

BMI is coming right down!

Having started at a BMI of 44 it's amazing to watch it come down from the severely obese category into the obese. Now at a BMI of 34 there is so much I can do. If I was to stay at this weight there would be no restrictions on staring IVF. To have surgery. Of to carry a baby safely. Best moment of my life. 

But I know I've got a lot more loosing to go so I'm hoping that there won't be any need for IVF any more. 

I love watching my weight graph come down. 

And I love tallying up how much I've lost. 

25kg in 3 months. This never would have happened. My weight would have just gone up and up. And my life would be at a standstill. 

We went out for a romantic dinner last night and I'm going to continue ordering my two entrees. I had a grilled pear salad with blue cheese balls and then scallops. I ate 3 baby scallops and two bites of my salad with two blue cheese balls. It was delicious. Then I had a spoonful of honeycomb ice cream. All washed down with wine. 

We took our time to eat and the restaurant took its time to bring out each course. That was wonderful and it gave me a chance to digest. And the restaurant was great with me orders two entrees rather than an entree and a main.

I am just loving life.